Who Am I?



I'm Katy.  This is my site, so I thought I'd say hey.  I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer because I honestly love weddings and families. I'm in my happy place when I'm at the lake, in the city, or anywhere on earth with my family.  I could watch the Office all day every day (and have), and I will never, ever, ever, pass on a good burger and fries.  

My husband, Patrick, and I shoot almost all of our weddings together.  We met our senior year of high school, became instant bffs, and kind of just knew it was forever. Since then we've had a few kids... four to be exact.  Henry, Sally, Frances, and Lula.  They're really fantastic and it's hard not to go on and on about them.  Our favorite place to be is Chicago and we’d spend every weekend there if we could.  Our life is simple, filled with lots of  love (and lots of essential oils). All around pretty it’s pretty great.  

I'm just so thankful this is all part of it.