Who Am I?



Hi, I’m Katy. I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer because I honestly love life and weddings. I have four kids.  They’re amazing.  I shoot with my husband, Patrick.  He’s amazing. (And shoots with me.) We love weddings.  Weddings are amazing.  

 And burgers.  Ugh. They’re so good.

Our vibe:  Less paparazzi, more super helpful best friend whose really good at taking pictures.  (And telling jokes.)  Really, we love to help bring everyone together and feel at ease.  To feel like old friends, so you can be yourselves and truly relax and enjoy the day. I love laughter, and closeness. I’m so drawn to light and mood, and I find myself chasing those things as everything unfolds. Every day comes together in its own way, and to get to tell that story is such a gift.